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Breast Augmentation

At Hattiesburg Clinic Plastic Surgery, our physicians offer a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, including breast augmentation. Many women lose breast volume after having children; while others have never had breasts that they felt were proportionate to their size. These issues and more have made breast augmentation – also known as breast enlargement, breast implants or mammoplasty – one of the most common cosmetic procedures. If you are dissatisfied with your breast size, our board-certified plastic surgeons can discuss options with you.

How is breast augmentation performed?

Today, women can choose from a variety of breast implants. Our surgeons prefer smooth-walled implants since they tend to give a more natural result than texture implants. Of smooth-walled implants, there are two types of breast implants available: saline (salt-water filled) or silicone (gel-filled). Both are excellent and safe choices.

A mammoplasty procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a fully accredited outpatient and surgical facility. Our board-certified plastic surgeons believe this is the safest approach, and patients tolerate this much better than local anesthesia with sedation.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

A typical breast augmentation patient comes to us because of the following reasons:

  • Small or asymmetrical breasts
  • Reduced firmness from aging
  • Drooping or sagging breasts after childbirth and/or breastfeeding

If you are interested in breast enlargement, it’s important to make sure you are in good health, have a history of physical activity and are emotionally stable. It is important for patients to note that while breast augmentation can enhance your overall breast size and improve firmness, it will not alter your body. The best candidates for mammoplasty have an understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations for the results.

What can I expect after breast augmentation?

After your breast augmentation surgery, you can expect soreness, bruising and swelling. While there is some moderate discomfort, our board-certified plastic surgeons can prescribe medication to control it.  You’ll be directed to wear a surgical bra for a few days and to avoid any heavy lifting.

Some of our patients experience reduced sensation in their nipples after breast augmentation, but this is only temporary. The feeling should return to normal once healing is complete. Most patients return to work within a week, with a return to normal daily activities within a few weeks.

After breast augmentation, what should I expect?

After a breast augmentation, patients should see an increase in fullness and projection of the breasts. They also see an improved balance and/or contour of the body, enhancing self-image and self-confidence. To see what types of results are possible with mammoplasty, click on our link below for a gallery of before and after photos.

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How much does a breast augmentation cost?

The breast augmentation procedure varies based on patient needs and desires, because of this – prices also vary. If you are interested in the breast augmentation procedure, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to discuss any costs or questions you may have. To schedule a consultation, please call our office at 601-261-3690.


Hattiesburg Clinic Plastic Surgery offers plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Mississippi including Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Lamar County, Laurel, Meridian and the Pine Belt. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Richard A. Pecunia, MD, FACSPetra R. Schneider-Redden, MD, FACS; and William O. “Trey” Thomas, III, MD, FACS  are committed to providing quality care.

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