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Arm Lift

At Hattiesburg Clinic Plastic Surgery, our physicians are committed to providing quality care. Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift is designed to reduce excess sagging skin, tighten and smooth underlying supportive tissue that contributes to the shape of the upper arm and reduces localized pockets of fat.

How are arm lifts performed?

Sometimes, an arm lift can be achieved through a simple liposuction procedure if there is just a small amount of excess fat. However, for those with larger areas of underarm fat, or patients with poor skin quality, a full upper arm lift may be needed.

The more invasive procedure will involve small incisions on the inside or back of your arm. Through the incision, one of our surgeons may use liposuction to remove excess fat before trimming, tightening and suturing excessive skin in place.

Am I a good candidate for an arm lift?

If you are experiencing sagging upper arm skin, you may be a good candidate for an arm lift.  Arm lifts are a popular procedure for those who have lost a significant amount of weight, since this leaves an abundance of excess skin to hang under his or her arms.

You do not have to be overweight to qualify for an arm lift. Many candidates opt to have an arm lift due to genetics and aging. If you have tried many different exercise routines and are not satisfied with the progress, brachioplasty may be the answer.

What should I expect after arm lift surgery?

After an arm lift, patients can expect some swelling, bruising and mild discomfort – which can be alleviated with pain medication. Our surgeons may suggest elevating your arm with pillows to reduce swelling, which should cease within two weeks.

Most of your stitches will dissolve and our surgeons will remove the remaining ones within a week.  You will not be able to shower until one week after the procedure, and you can expect to be back to work within two or three weeks.

As with most body contouring procedures, you’ll be advised to avoid any heavy lifting for several weeks. Also, refrain from any strenuous exercise for at least one month.

What are the typical results of arm lifts?

Arm lift patients are typically very pleased with their trim, toned arms.  Many of our patients feel more confident.

How much does an arm lift cost?

Arm lift prices vary depending on the needs of the patient. We recommend coming in for a personal consultation with our surgeons, who can answer any questions you may have about the procedure, including pricing. To discuss costs or to schedule a consultation, please call our office at 601-261-3690.


Hattiesburg Clinic Plastic Surgery offers plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Mississippi including Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Lamar County, Laurel, Meridian and the Pine Belt. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Richard A. Pecunia, MD, FACSPetra R. Schneider-Redden, MD, FACS; and William O. “Trey” Thomas, III, MD, FACS  are committed to providing quality care.

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