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Rise in Hand, Foot and Mouth

WDAM: Pediatrician Warns of Rise in Hand, Foot and Mouth

The following is an excerpt from a WDAM Medical Housecall story by Karrie Leggett-Brown featuring Yakeyla Naylor, MD, a Hattiesburg Clinic pediatrician.

Hattiesburg Clinic Children’s Clinic Pediatrician Yakeyla Naylor said she has been seeing her smallest patients with a significant illness called hand, foot and mouth disease.

“It’s categorized by oral lesions or oral rash. Also, a rash usually of the hands and feet, but you can also get a rash in other locations as well,” Naylor said.

According to Naylor, it’s a virus that your child could pick up easily since most babies and kids keep their hands in their mouth.

“The child or person will get it from ingestion, or ingestion of either fecal material that has the virus in it, oral secretions that have the virus in it or any respiratory secretions that have the virus in it,” Naylor said.

She said since this virus is spread from child to child, it can go through day care centers, schools and even your home. So, adults can get it. The telltale sign is the rash on the hands and feet. She said parents may notice these signs in their child.

“My baby has a fever, my baby’s not wanting to eat, or my baby is drooling more,” Naylor said.

For a little one suffering from this disease, Naylor added there is no treatment for the illness just caring for the symptoms.

“We want to keep them hydrated, but basically just Tylenol or Motrin if they have a fever, or if they are irritable,” Naylor said. “The lesions may or may not be painful for them. Encourage them to eat or drink.”

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