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Diet & Exercise / Illness Prevention

This is Our Commitment…

Hattiesburg Clinic, Mississippi’s largest privately-owned multispecialty outpatient clinic, with over 400 physicians and providers, is committed to providing comprehensive and thorough care for our patients by making sure they are informed about their immediate needs – and their overall health. We recognize that patients visit their providers because they have a specific need: a cold; minor injury or concern about a specific health condition. At Hattiesburg Clinic, not only do we want to address that immediate need, we want to look at common aspects of our patients’ health in order to assist in their well-being long in the future. Some of these discussions might revolve around additional care we think our patients should be getting now. Other discussions might revolve around screenings so we can be preventative in their care. So, while there might be a specific reason for the patient’s appointment, our medical staff is prepared to discuss other health topics with our patients. Some of these topics include, but are not limited to: blood pressure; colon cancer screening; depression screening; vaccinations; breast cancer screening; diabetic eye exams; fall risk screening; and other medical topics.

We also encourage our patients to talk to us about questions they might have regarding illness prevention, diet and exercise, prescription medications (such as medication costs), stress management and emotional health, preferences for sharing information with family or friends, and setting health goals. Our patients matter to us. Discussing these and other important topics with our patients not only shows them that we are committed to addressing their complete health care needs today, but helping our patients’ well-being in the future.

Our goal at Hattiesburg Clinic is to be as helpful to our patients as possible in all their health care needs.

Together, our efforts ensure our commitment to caring for the whole patient.



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