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Oak Grove Family Clinic Presented with Cheers from Your Peers

The WOW! committee would like to recognize Oak Grove Family Clinic with Cheers from Your Peers. The clinical staff and front office staff were recognized for stepping up and working hard when the clinic was understaffed.

In a recent WOW! meeting, the following was shared by Melissa Smith, manager of Oak Grove Family Clinic:

“On July 30, I started the day short two nurses and one receptionist. By 9 a.m., I was down two lab/x-ray techs, one CMA and another nurse. For a day with six providers, I now had two receptionists, one PAR, three nurses and one CMA. I was able to obtain a float lab/x-ray tech. This gave me one nurse per two providers and one CMA to float between all three areas. With half the normal staff, we saw all the patients that were originally scheduled for the day plus the rest that called in. When I tell you these ladies worked hard, it is an understatement. They never complained; they just kept on working until the last patient was seen. They pulled together and got the job done.

Monday brought a new week and new challenges. We were still short five employees. This was the way we handled the first week of August. During this time, we performed countless COVID swabs in the drive-through, and saw more than the normal number of patients. These ladies continued to work hard without complaining. Patients were there to be seen and taken care of, and that is what they did. They worked together and accomplished all that needed to be done. Patients were checked in and out, phones were answered, messages were handled, patients were seen, labs were drawn, x-rays were taken… it was all handled. Patients marveled at how efficient and kind the staff remained. I overheard them being complimented. Oak Grove Clinic staff, you shined brightly over those six days! Thank you for a job WELL DONE!”

Congratulations to Oak Grove Family Clinic! Hattiesburg Clinic appreciates each of you and your hard work. Thank you for going above and beyond for your department, your coworkers, Hattiesburg Clinic, and, most importantly, our patients.

Emily Hall


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