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If you have traveled to an area affected by coronavirus or have been exposed in the last 14 days and have fever, cough or shortness of breath, please contact your physician’s office for further instructions.



Hattiesburg Clinic is closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates that are available. We want you to know that the health and safety of our patients, employees and community are our first priority. While the situation is rapidly evolving, there is some important information we want you to know:


Hattiesburg Clinic is open and operating under normal business hours. We are continuing to care for our patients. If you have a scheduled appointment at any of our locations, please plan to keep this appointment unless you are experiencing symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath, or if you have had contact with someone known to have COVID-19.  The CDC’s most recent recommendations are that patients with symptoms of COVID-19 stay home and contact their healthcare provider for guidance.  If you are a patient who is experiencing these symptoms, please call the office where your next appointment is scheduled so we can provide screening and guidance.  This is an emerging and rapidly-evolving situation, and we will continue to provide updated information to our patients as it becomes available.  Please continue to check our website and/or your Iris account.


If you do not have an upcoming appointment soon and have concerns about having been or being exposed to COVID-19, there are several Hattiesburg Clinic options available:

  • Call your Hattiesburg Clinic Primary Care Provider’s (PCP) office and schedule an office visit.  You may also schedule a visit using your Iris account or the app if you have seen that PCP in the last 3 years.
  • If you don’t have a Hattiesburg Clinic primary care provider but do have an Iris account, go to the “Schedule Appointment” section, and “Find a New Provider” link if would like to establish with a Hattiesburg Clinic PCP.
  • Our Immediate Care locations are available for walk-in visits for you to see a healthcare provider.  All Immediate Care locations have the ability to perform testing for COVID-19 if appropriate.
  • You may schedule an Immediate Care Express appointment at our Hardy Street location if you believe you need to see a physician.  If you already have an active Iris account, go to iris.hattiesburgclinic.com or use the Iris app to sign in and schedule an Immediate Care Express appointment for a specific time that is convenient for you.  If you do not have an active Iris account, create one via the “Sign Up Now” feature on our website.
  • Telemedicine visits are available with several Hattiesburg Clinic providers.  Log in to your Iris account to see if your provider offers telemedicine, or schedule one with Immediate Care. Questions about telehealth video visits? Click here.

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For additional questions about COVID-19, please contact your primary care provider or one of our various immediate care locations.

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