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Meet Paige Fillingim, Credentialing

Employee Spotlight: Paige Fillingim, Director of Credentialing 

The credentialing department at Hattiesburg Clinic plays a significant role in the clinic’s success. Credentialing employees are responsible for ensuring patients receive the highest level of care as they assess, confirm, and help maintain our health care providers’ academic qualifications. 

Paige Fillingim, a native of Bolivar, Mo., holds the highest rank in the credentialing department, serving as the director. Fillingim began her credentialing career at Hattiesburg Clinic in 2010 and was promoted to director two years later. 

“The clinic relies on us for obtaining our providers’ information for things they need for privileging and enrollment purposes. We primarily serve as a clearinghouse,” Fillingim said. “We also help our physicians keep track of their licenses, and network enrollment for patients’ insurance plans throughout their tenure at the clinic.” 

As the credentialing director, Fillingim collates the information from her team and serves as the last stop before the new provider’s credentialing file is reviewed and approved by the clinic’s board of directors.

“I organize everything that is needed for the credentialing committee and their meetings. I attend those meetings and make sure the necessary information gets to the board. I serve as the liaison between the department and physicians, advanced practice providers (APP), and administration.”

Fillingim received her Bachelor of Science in Health Administration from Auburn University and later received a master’s in public health with an emphasis in health administration. 

“I always knew I wanted to work in health care, even if I wasn’t in patient care,” Fillingim said. “I wanted to find something that would allow me to serve others and contribute to the greater good. Even though credentialing is behind-the-scenes, I still feel that we are contributing to the good of the patient.”

In her spare time, Fillingim is consumed with her two boys, Archie, 5, and Miles, 2. She and her husband, Todd, have been married for 12 years, and the two of them share a love for traveling.  

“Our favorite vacation thus far was a trip to Alberta, Canada. The Canadian Rockies are gorgeous. I highly recommend visiting.” 

The pandemic has hindered her and her family’s travel plans, so she said she is anxious to get back on the road and visit new places.


If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

PF: I would love to learn to play the piano or speak Spanish fluently. I was one class away from getting a minor in Spanish. I can still read and write some Spanish, but I was never great at speaking. It is such a marketable skill. 

Three words that best describe yourself.

PF: Creative, shy, and organized

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