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Claudia Karam, MD

Medical Housecall: New Hattiesburg Doctor Practices New Medicine

Medical Housecall: New Hattiesburg Doctor Practices New Medicine

(The following is an excerpt from a WDAM Medical Housecall news story with Karrie Leggett-Brown.)

There is a new doctor in town with a new way of looking at old problems. Her name is Dr. Claudia Karam with Hattiesburg Clinic, and the unique approach is called Functional & Integrative Medicine.

Karam said this new treatment is about working with the patient, an approach she is passionate about.

“We are very privileged as physicians to be able to have patients trust us and confide in us with their health,” Karam said.

It’s that perspective that led Karam to her practice. She said she became an MD in 2005. At the end of her physical medicine and rehabilitation training, she became fascinated with the effects of nutrition on health.

“That kind of led to functional medicine, and after learning and being able to see the results in my patients, I really had to practice in that way,” she said.

Karam said functional and integrative medicine is a new branch of medicine that looks at each patient as a unique individual, analyzing them from birth to present date.

“Which means that we are looking at the body as one connected system,” Karam said. “So, that means that a process that is affecting your heart, and at the same time your gut and your joint, can very much be related.”

Functional medicine treats a vast list of chronic issues, from Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases, to heart health. Karam detailed her latest successful case. The patient dealt with gastrointestinal issues, reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and psoriasis for years.

“She’d seen several rheumatologists in the past. She was even put on different steroid creams and psoriatic medication,” Karam added.

Karam looked at the patient’s entire system, made changes to her diet, lifestyle and her gut health.

“We tried to bring her gut issues back kind of in balance, and that had an effect on her skin, even though we never actually treated her skin,” Karam said.

Karam said part of functional medicine is creating a timeline of your health from birth and filling out a questionnaire about your health before and after treatment to track progress.

“All these different issues were related,” Karam said. “When we used the functional medicine approach, all her numbers went down. That was just with one visit,” Karam said.

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