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Local Collaboration Yields More COVID-19 Testing Supplies

More COVID-19 Testing Supplies Now Available Thanks to Local Collaboration

After seeing almost 150 patients on the first day of the Cough & Fever Clinic, a service of Forrest General Hospital and Hattiesburg Clinic, local medical leaders knew supplies needed to process COVID-19 were in short supply, and a solution was needed to continue their work with testing and caring for those with the virus. Fortunately, community leaders were preparing for this.  John M. Fitzpatrick, MD, with Hattiesburg Clinic Nephrology, received the recipe for the viral transport medium (VTM), an integral piece of the COVID-19 testing process, and began working with Forrest General Hospital and the University of Southern Mississippi to manufacture VTM for the COVID-19 swabs. Follow this link to read more about how Hattiesburg Clinic stayed local in our quest for a solution: https://bit.ly/2RjvGlh 

If you are interested in reading more about the production process of the VTM follow this like and click download in the COVID-19 Resources menu: https://bit.ly/2JO6G1x

Keenon Walker


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