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Employee Spotlight: Linley Shaffer

Linley Shaffer: A Love for Community

Employee Spotlight on Linley Shaffer: A Love for Community

Linley Shaffer enjoys engaging with people every day almost as much as she enjoys working out, and it all comes down to one thing: community.

The patient account representative at Dermatology – South says it’s one of the things she loves most about her job, working directly with people.

“I work with people’s insurance, I contact insurance companies, help patients understand their benefits and their coverage….and helping at the front desk,” says Shaffer. “I love working with people and helping them. I really like to work one-on-one with patients if I can.”

Her joyful pursuit of human connection – along with her aptitude for physical health and fitness – can be traced all the way back to her days as an employee at the local Family YMCA.

“I loved the Y. I loved the people. Everybody came in with a good mood.”

Shaffer discovered this to be the case for herself as well. Along with valuing the importance of personal interactions in customer service, Shaffer learned the value of determination and self-discipline by starting her own regular workouts.

“I’m very focused on my health. I work out every day…I learned whenever you work out like that, you become more disciplined in every aspect of your life.”

The self-discipline, the customer service, the love for community – all of these things Shaffer has carried with her throughout the years, into her current role in work and in life. She says she loves working in health care, particularly at Dermatology – South, where she’s been since 2015.

“I love working for the doctors who work here. They’re very excited about their jobs. I like dermatology in general. I like the idea of helping patients become more comfortable in their skin.”

When it comes to Hattiesburg Clinic as a whole, she describes it as caring, contemporary and comprehensive.

“I can tell Hattiesburg Clinic cares about their patients. I feel like they’re really making an effort to get on board with what 2019 brings to the table. They cover a lot of bases. Patients have an advantage with the clinic network.”

Shaffer says she likes “the community of people” the clinic employs and serves.

“I feel like Hattiesburg Clinic sets a standard for the kind of employees they have, and I knew that I was going to enjoy the coworkers I have at Hattiesburg Clinic, and of course, the patients.”

Shaffer says she takes pride in working for a place that’s committed to “bringing happiness to someone in a way that is actually possible.”

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