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John M. Porter, OT, CHT, earns credential as an expert in upper limb rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation – Tatum Park is pleased to announce that our Occupational Therapist, John M. Porter, OT, CHT, is now a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT).

The CHT credential is the highest level of recognition of competency in the profession of upper limb rehabilitation. The requirements to become a CHT include at least three years of clinical experience as an occupational therapist or physical therapist, a minimum of 4,000 hours in direct practice in hand therapy, and successful completion of advanced clinical skills and theory in upper limb rehabilitation. There are approximately 6,200 individuals worldwide who hold this marked designation, according to The Hand Therapy Certification Commission.

As an expert Hand and Upper Extremity Therapist, Porter treats a variety of diagnoses, including, but not limited to, arthritis, fractures, muscular strains and tears, trauma disorders, tendon and nerve injuries and conditions, compression syndromes and vascular disorders.

“Hands are necessary for almost every facet of life, and we take them for granted on a daily basis,” Porter said. “Hand rehabilitation is not easy on the patient or the therapist as hand and upper extremity rehabilitation can be a very intricate and sometimes complicated process. My goal is to help patients through this difficult time so they can get back to everyday life and fully engage in the things they want and need to live their best life.”

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