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Physician Talks Impact of Insurance Provider Capping Insulin Costs at $25

Capping Insulin Costs at $25

Physician Talks Impact of Insurance Provider Capping Insulin Costs at $25


The following is an excerpt from a story by WDAM’s Carly Blake, featuring Oak Grove Family Clinic Physician Katherine Alexis, MD.

Health Insurance provider, Cigna, launched a program called Patient Assurance earlier this month. It’s a plan that will allow people who are diabetic to pay no more than 25 dollars out-of-pocket for a month’s supply of insulin.

“There’s been a lot of press about the cost of insulin lately and people being able to afford their insulin,” said Katherine Alexis, MD, family medicine physician at Oak Grove Family Clinic, which is a service of the Hattiesburg Clinic.

Many people pay more than 50 dollars a month just for a month’s supply and that’s not including monitors, pumps, needles, and other things diabetics need.

Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas. It regulates blood sugar in the body. People with diabetes do not produce insulin naturally. They have to use things like insulin pumps or other means to regulate their blood sugar levels.

“If you don’t produce insulin, you lose weight because the blood sugars are not controlled. You can get very sick and eventually will die,” explained Alexis.

Alexis explained how this plan could potentially be a good thing for diabetics.

“It is a good step in the right direction for a lower cost for the medication. It takes care of people who are rationing their insulin or are not taking the right amount, which can cause complications,” said Alexis.

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