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In the Media: Samuel N. Crosby, MD

Dr. Crosby discusses the demand for monoclonal antibody treatments for Covid-19 in Mississippi

Recent data shows that the demand for Covid-19 antibody treatment is highest in states with the lowest vaccination rates.

Currently, Mississippi is leading the nation in monoclonal antibody treatment distribution, while ranking among the lowest in Coronavirus vaccinations. The Covid-19 death rate in Mississippi is also the highest in the country and one of the highest in the world.

Samuel N. Crosby, MD, primary chairman at Hattiesburg Clinic and a physician at Immediate Care, spoke to Mississippi Public Broadcasting about the demand for antibody treatments in the Pine Belt, mentioning that while the treatment is effective, “the vaccines are the answer, not the treatment.”

“It’s interesting how many people who were opposed to the vaccine, the minute they get Covid-19, they want the antibody treatment,” Crosby said. “Now they’re both under emergency use authorization, well the Pfizer [vaccine] has now been approved, but once you actually have [Covid-19] and you’re feeling sick you sort of get over that vaccine hesitancy, but it’s too late at that point.”

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