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In the Media: ADHD & Related Concerns Conference

17th Annual ADHD & Related Concerns Conference Featured on WDAM

Ronald Kent, MD, pediatrician and founder of the ADHD conference hosted by Hattiesburg Clinic Connections and Psychology & Counseling, recently spoke with WDAM’s Melissa Rademaker about the common misconceptions surrounding ADHD and other related learning disorders.

“A fair number of people still think you have to be hyperactive and you have to be, quote, ‘a bad kid’ to have ADHD, and that’s just not true,” Kent said. “I call them the ‘silent sufferers.’ Those who have problems with inattentive ADHD, and so they go through school thinking that they’re stupid. People are telling them they’re lazy and, really, they just can’t concentrate. And so, we have – not just us but I think the world of mental health folks — have done a better job at trying to educate the public on the suffering that goes on with ADHD that is untreated.”

Follow the link to watch the full interview: https://bit.ly/34UKLB7

Tate Rutland


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