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Drs. Batson and Farrell reveal the vision behind the Vaccine Appreciation Giveaway

In an interview with the American Medical Association, Hattiesburg Clinic Chief Executive Officer, Bryan N. Batson, MD, and Forrest General Chief Medical Officer, Steven E. Farrell, MD, discussed the motivation behind the Vaccine Incentives Program as a way to help overcome vaccine hesitancy and to reward staff and patients for their efforts to safeguard the community.   

“Our vaccination rate is not reflective of the effort of the health department and health care institutions to make it accessible and available,” Dr. Farrell said. “It’s more of an issue of acceptance and overcoming that fear barrier.”

“We value our employees very much and appreciate that they’re trying to make our facilities safer at a time when we absolutely need our workforce to be healthy and available,” Dr. Batson said.

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