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Anita Henderson, MD, addresses rare events of heart inflammation in youth after Covid-19 vaccination

In May, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded the emergency use authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for those ages 12 and older. The drug company’s clinical trial reported the shot to be 100% effective in preventing the virus in kids 12 to 15.

However, in recent weeks, reports of a rare side effect have caused concern for parents.

In an interview with the Clarion Ledger, Anita S. Henderson, MD, pediatrician at Hattiesburg Clinic The Pediatric Clinic and president of the Mississippi Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics, discussed the rare events of heart inflammation in adolescents post-vaccination. Dr. Henderson emphasized that it is an extremely rare side effect and the benefits of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine far outweigh the risks.

“The likelihood of someone in the U.S. experiencing heart inflammation after being vaccinated against the virus is 1.6 cases out of every 100,000 doses,” Henderson said. “When comparing that to COVID-19-related deaths, out of every 100,000 coronavirus cases, 248 infected people will die.”

“A doctor and mother, Henderson said getting children vaccinated against the virus, especially as the rapidly spreading COVID-19 Delta variant multiplies in Mississippi, is a way for schools and extracurriculars to get back to normal,” Sarah Haselhorst of the Clarion Ledger reported.

Follow the link to read the full story: https://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/2021/07/06/heart-inflammation-covid-vaccine-myocarditis-post-vaccination-rare-virus-risk/7797657002/

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