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Hattiesburg Clinic’s New Counseling Building Design Puts Patients at Ease

Hattiesburg Clinic’s New Counseling Building Design Puts Patients at Ease

Hattiesburg Clinic’s New Counseling Building Design Puts Patients at Ease

The following is an excerpt from a Hattiesburg American article that was recently published online and in print.

Hattiesburg Clinic is on the move again, and mother Britney O’Neal couldn’t be happier.

O’Neal likes the new digs at Hattiesburg Clinic’s Connections and Psychology & Counseling departments now that they’re relocated to the clinic’s Tatum Park campus off Veterans Memorial Drive. Members of the O’Neal family go for counseling at the newly constructed building, which has been open at the location for about a month.

“It’s good for my daughter who’s shy,” she said. “She opens up with the atmosphere that makes her feel comfortable and secure.”

This marks the third facility the clinic has completed at the developing campus. It will be one of four structures there by the end of the year.

The department moved from its old location at 2 Southern Pointe Parkway, just across the street.

Dermatology – South moved to Tatum Park in October 2013, followed by The Pediatric Clinic last year. Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine will be completed by August. Together, they will make up more than 114,000 square feet of medical space at the location.

How do the new Tatum Park offices benefit patients?

Because of the medical conditions treated there, the facility must be conducive to patient comfort.

“Our building was designed to be more like a home environment — softer colors, not so stark and antiseptic,” said Robert Sevier, a Hattiesburg Clinic psychologist. “It’s more appealing for our patients to come in and share their problems and make their life better.”

Connections provides medical, educational, speech, language and dyslexia evaluation services for children and teenagers, along with medical evaluation and management of ADHD and related issues.

Psychology & Counseling offers a range of outpatient services, including counseling and comprehensive psychological assessments. Individuals, couples and families struggling with mental and emotional issues – such as anxiety, depression and trauma – can get help.

O’Neal appreciates the new ambiance.

“Most of the providers have what they would call living rooms (rather than offices),” she said. “They can make the patient open up, feel like they’re at home and relax.”

The new building is more than 20,000 square feet with separate wings for each practice. It features a spacious lobby, 12 exam rooms — with space to add more — and ample parking.

It also includes 16 provider offices, several of which serve as private counseling areas.

“In most offices we’ve got easy chairs, couches, lamps — pictures on the walls,” Sevier said. “You can sit down, unpressured and at ease, and tell whatever your problems are. We can provide the atmosphere that makes the treatment so much better.”

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