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Hattiesburg Clinic Release Statement

Hattiesburg Clinic Condemns Racism and Commits to Fighting This Public Health Crisis

Hattiesburg Clinic’s mission as a health care organization is to provide quality care with an emphasis on excellence and service to our patients. In light of recent national events regarding the treatment of individuals due to race, Hattiesburg Clinic released the following statement today to ensure the clinic’s physicians, employees, patients, business partners and community understands where Hattiesburg Clinic stands on this issue:

Hattiesburg Clinic condemns racism, bigotry, discrimination and violence of any kind and we are deeply concerned about discriminatory practices that are resulting in unwarranted deaths and marginalization of the Black community.

As a health care organization, we consider racism a disease – a public health crisis.  The psychosocial stress caused by racism and violence is a major contributor to health inequity.  As data from the COVID-19 pandemic have shown, communities of color have been disproportionately affected both in infection rates and in economic impact.  In addition, discriminatory acts, targeted violence and economic practices have created an environment with overwhelming health and safety hazards for people of color and other socially marginalized groups.

Hattiesburg Clinic’s vision is a transformed health care system that results in better health for everyone.  To achieve this we must address racial, cultural and social inequities that are continuously impacting medical care.  Hattiesburg Clinic has implemented programs to enhance the health outcomes of all of our patients but, we desire to do more.  Therefore, in that vein, we are forming a task force that will consider and implement programs that work to address these inequities in our community.

Hattiesburg Clinic physicians see firsthand the impact of social determinants, disparities and environmental factors on the health of the patients we serve.  The color of a person’s skin or their socioeconomic status should never determine health outcomes or impede opportunities for a healthy and thriving life.

About Hattiesburg Clinic:

Hattiesburg Clinic (HCPA) is Mississippi’s largest privately-owned multispecialty outpatient facility and one of the largest in the Southeast with 450 physicians and providers and 2500 employees.  HCPA’s mission is to provide quality health care, efficiently and effectively – with a focus on service and excellence to the patient.

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