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Functional & Integrative Medicine

Functional & Integrative Medicine 

Hattiesburg Clinic Functional & Integrative Medicine is excited to announce they are now accepting commercial United Health Care, Aetna, Medicare, Ambetter, and Hattiesburg Clinic Fox Everett insurances.

In these uncertain times, emerging data suggests that different comorbities such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and perhaps underlying nutritional and baseline inflammatory states are putting patients at increased risk of adverse outcomes with COVID-19.  It may be an opportune time to address modifiable risk factors with dietary and lifestyle intervention and we hope that accepting these insurances will allow more access to our services.

Functional & Integrative Medicine is a practice of Claudia Karam, MD, offering a unique approach to patient care by addressing the root cause of illness and allowing the patient to have a proactive role in their health. This form of care incorporates nutritional counseling, lifestyle modification and personalized supplementation based on the patient’s needs. 

Through a functional and integrative medicine approach, Dr. Karam treats a wide array of health conditions, including digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, diabetes and prevention, etc. She also works with patients who may not have a chronic issue but who want to optimize their health in an effort to prevent future issues.

To learn more about Functional & Integrative Medicine, click here. To schedule an appointment, call (601) 261-1690.

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