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Fox 23: Beat the Heat with a Splash of Water

Fox 23: Beat the Heat with a Splash of Water

Fox 23: Beat the Heat with a Splash of Water

The following is an excerpt from a TV news story by Fox 23’s Corey Howard, featuring Jeremy B. Wells, MD, with Hattiesburg Clinic Sports Medicine.

Jeremy B. Wells, a sports medicine physician with Hattiesburg Clinic, breaks “heat safety” down using three simple steps.

“I like to think about heat safety really in three realms: heat, hydration and help,” Wells said.  “Really with the heat you know it’s going to be there. It’s going to be hot as the day goes, so try to plan your activities towards early in the morning or late in the afternoon.”

However, if you manage to get caught in the midday heat, Wells recommends hydrating before going out.

“Make sure you are hydrating before you head out,” Wells said. “Before you get exhausted and you’re trying to catch up.”

Wells explained that the hydration process actually starts days before participating in an outdoor activity, and local athletes who plan to be in the sun need to start hydrating now.

“It’s getting close to the time for two-a-days to start with football athletes,” Wells said. “We really need to be hydrating now and planning to make sure that we are good and hydrated before the really hot, humid and sweaty workouts.”

Wells recommends those participating in activities during the summer to drink one cup of water every 10 minutes. He also advises adults to keep a close eye on children and senior citizens.

Click here for the full story with Dr. Wells!

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