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Employee Spotlight: Iesha Goode – The Difference Maker

Goode at Patient Care and Singing

Iesha Goode is one of the few lead receptionists at Hattiesburg Clinic. Goode, who has worked in Neurology for nearly a decade, is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations, such as supervising the phones and scheduling appointments, managing the other receptionists at both Neurology locations and ensuring the front desk area is running efficiently.

Receptionists are the first faces that patients see as they walk into a medical facility, which makes it all the more important to exude a positive, optimistic and friendly attitude on top of the responsibilities at hand.

“The patients I meet daily are not well as some are diagnosed with severe neurological conditions,” Goode said. “I always want to do my best to ensure that they are taken care of and receive the best level of care and comfort possible as they enter the waiting room. My job is to put a smile on their face and ensure the back-end responsibilities are handled effortlessly and efficiently.”

Health care facilities have experienced a staff shortage throughout the pandemic, but Goode has managed to keep the workflow running smoothly, even as the only receptionist at times. 

One patient said that she observed Goode, the only receptionist working on this particular day, take phone calls, referrals and check-in and out several patients while she awaited her appointment. The patient noted that she was swamped with phones ringing non-stop and patients coming in and out of the office, yet Goode was extremely compassionate and kind to those while on the phone helping others. She called Goode a “ray of sunshine” and an exemplary member of the team at Neurology as she portrayed love and kindness to each person she met that day.

Goode was promoted to lead receptionist four years ago and said that her current position is one of her proudest achievements. 

“I’ve always been a shy person,” Goode said. “I guess my actions have shown through and through that I have done a great job in my position. I am a hard worker, compassionate and caring, which is why I was a good fit to be the lead receptionist. The knowledge I have acquired from working in this department and the diagnoses that I have learned as far as neurological conditions have opened my eyes.”

“I enjoy helping patients and have gained a lot of respect for people because they aren’t always in a good place,” Goode added. “I also want to provide the same help and compassion towards my coworkers if they need assistance or help to complete the tasks at hand.”

Audrianna Magee, who has worked as a receptionist at Neurology for over a month, said Goode has helped her in so many ways and has demonstrated what it looks like to be a lead receptionist. 

“It’s been a breeze working with Iesha,” Magee said. “She has been so patient with me, and she’s always willing to work with me. She exudes a warmness and comforting disposition to everyone she encounters. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time, thanks to her.”

Alongside her exemplary patient care, Goode is a natural-born singer and loves old-school R&B. 

“I was (and still am) an Xscape fan,” Goode said. “Gerald Levert, who I like to call my husband, is one of my favorite singers of all time.”

Goode moved from Monticello, Miss., to Hattiesburg when she was 12 years old and was a member of the Oak Grove High School’s class of 2000. After high school, Goode attended Jackson State University, where she received a pre-med degree in hopes of becoming a pediatrician. However, she said she still would like to work with infants someday, which is why she is currently in nursing school at William Carey University, working on obtaining a degree in nursing. 

“Before working at the clinic, I worked with babies for 16 years as an assistant caregiver at at Early Encounters® pre-school,” Goode said. “I love children. It was so different working with babies to now working with adults. It’s an interesting perspective to have worked on both ends of the spectrum.”


If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

IG: Mustard and turnip greens. 

List three words to describe yourself.

IG: Hardworking, shy and observant 

What’s your favorite quote or verse? 

IG: With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. – Matthew 19:26 


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