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Employee Spotlight - Hattiesburg Clinic

Employee Spotlight: Brittany Dozier

Employee Spotlight

Brittany Dozier: The Life (and Convictions) of a Mammography Tech

Some people might think being a mammography technician is not a glamourous job, but Brittany Dozier knows how important it is for patients and their ultimate health and well-being.

Dozier, 29, has been a mammography tech at Hattiesburg Clinic’s Breast Center a little under a year and says she truly enjoys her job.

“I love the interaction with my patients. Some people ask, well, how do you do this every day? But I love my job…I see it like I’m saving a life,” says Dozier. “I do feel a little bit closer to the patient once I help see them throughout their journey.”

She explains what her daily duties look like: “My job is to make sure I get good pictures for the doctor, basically. It’s also my job to mark any type of moles on the patient’s skin. I document information about problems and concerns of the patient. I also do a stereotactic biopsy. Only a few people on staff do this and I’m one of them.”

Additionally, Dozier assists with needle localizations, which is where a wire is placed inside of the breast prior to biopsy or surgery. She’s responsible for getting the patient’s history and background of patient and educating them about positioning of the breast on the machine and the importance of mammography.

“We educate the patients about things they may not know about mammography.”

At The Breast Center, Dozier says she’s known among her coworkers for “being loud and being fast.”

“Every now and then you get a patient who can’t hear well and you have to speak a little loud, so I’m perfect for those patients. And I am pretty fast at doing mammograms.”

She loves spending time outside of work with her friends during “Wine Wednesdays” and “Thirsty Thursdays.” She also loves travelling and is looking forward to a birthday cruise to Cozumel, Mexico in March. Although a Waynesboro, Miss., native, she currently lives in Hattiesburg with her husband Kendrick.



Q: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A: Shopping. I’m always in a store like every other day and my husband gets on me.

Q: What’s your “undercover dream?”

A: Professional singer. I used to sing in church…Everyone close to me knows I love singing…and I love dancing.

Q: How would you describe Hattiesburg Clinic?

A: Welcoming. When I moved here, they really did welcome me with open arms. Sincere. I feel like they’re very sincere and not just because they have to be. Family. We do a lot of things together outside of work. We do things for each other. We really try to look out for each other. I do feel like we’re one big family over here. These are my sisters.

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