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Employee Spotlight: Ashlie King

Employee Spotlight: Ashlie King

Employee Spotlight: Ashlie King Reigns Supreme as Department’s Morale-Booster

Ashlie King enjoys making her coworkers at Picayune Family Practice Clinic smile as they clock in and out every day. The patient account representative does this in a small, but noticeable way – using a dry erase board that some of her colleagues refer to as the “morale board.”

Each day, the board, which hangs near the time clock, displays a motivational quote, like:

“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” – Nelson Mandela

Sometimes there’s a random fact, like this one:

“The U.S. Postal service mails more than 800,000 live chickens in the weeks leading up to Easter.”

And every now and then one might see a silly joke, such as:

“What tool do you use in math? Multi-pliers!”

King says the morale board is not her brainchild, but rather a motivational effort started by her manager, Julia Threadgill.

“My manager had gotten the board and she did the quote a couple of times, and then there was a day or two that went by and there was no quote. I took it upon myself to add a quote, and she said that’s your new job. And I’ve just loved it. That’s been my thing. People say they enjoy reading those every day.”

King even includes little drawings and doodles on the board to enhance these daily mini-morale boosters.

“I try to draw stuff out. Looks like first grade drawings, but everybody gets a kick out of it.”

King’s manager says the board has become a daily treat for she and her staff.

“You can’t help but laugh between the random facts, joke of the day and her ‘art work.’ Many of us look forward to this board knowing we will start our day off with a smile,” says Threadgill.

King joined the Picayune clinic in 2013, where she registers new patients, verifies all insurance information, counsels patients about their accounts, and other related duties. She says she enjoys her work and her interactions with patients.

“I get to come to a job that I do love and I have a passion for it. And I love my coworkers like my family and my patients, too. It’s just a great setting. Everyone cares about the patients, and that’s what matters.”

When she’s not working, the 43-year-old wife and mom of two can usually be found spending time with her family.

“I enjoy going with my son to his motocross practices and races, and with my daughter to dance competitions.”

She also loves photography, antiquing, reading and doing DIY projects.

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