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Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Develops Back-to-Play Pathway for Student Athletes During the Pandemic

As schools being to reopen, the concerns about student athletes contracting COVID-19 are on rise. Hattiesburg Clinic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine physicians have developed a back-to-sport workflow to help families, primary care physicians and coaches determine when it is safe for those athletes to return to the field. They recently spoke with WDAM to discuss this workflow.

Have you or your child tested positive for, had symptoms consistent with, or lived with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?  Jessica Tullos, DO, a sports medicine physician with Hattiesburg Clinic, says, “If you have suspicious symptoms for COVID 19, then you want to get to see your family physician, Cough and Fever Clinic at Hattiesburg Clinic or any of the Immediate Cares to get tested. If your test does come back positive, you’ll be notified typically by that clinic, then they will go over all of that information. But most importantly is the quarantine time as directed by physician. It is extremely important that all athletes that have been diagnosed with COVID-19, had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or lived in a household with someone positive for COVID-19, be evaluated by a physician at the completion of their quarantine prior to returning to activity. There are many known short- and long-term complications with COVID-19 and we, at Hattiesburg Clinic Sports Medicine, want to make sure all athletes are appropriately screened and evaluated to ensure their safety.”

The Hattiesburg Orthopaedics & Clinic Sports Medicine Return-to-Play workflow to help guide local physicians who may be treating athletes post-COVID-19 infection can be found on the Sports Medicine website at www.hattiesburgclinic.com/sports-medicine. A patient version of this workflow can be found there as well.

Follow the link to watch the full interview featuring Nathan Darby, MD; Jessica Tullos, DO; and Jeremy Wells, MD: https://bit.ly/326oduv

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