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Connections and Psychology & Counseling departments recently held a ribbon cutting and open house for its new facility at 102 Medical Park.

Connections, Psychology & Counseling Host Ribbon Cutting Event

Connections, Psychology & Counseling Showcase New Facility With Ribbon Cutting Event

Hattiesburg Clinic’s Connections and Psychology & Counseling departments recently held a ribbon cutting and open house for its new facility at 102 Medical Park in Hattiesburg.

Patients, colleagues, clinic officials and members of the community attended the event in celebration of the two departments’ new shared home.

Located just off Veterans Memorial Highway, the new building measures 20,190 square feet in size, with separate wings for each practice. Other notable features include a large split lobby, 12 exam rooms and 16 provider offices, several of which are also used as private counseling areas.

Guests enjoyed refreshments, entertainment and guided tours of the facility.

“The Connections and Psychology & Counseling open house was a fantastic event that helped us showcase our newly constructed building to the community,” said Manager Walton Mallette, following the event. “We are excited at the opportunity this new facility gives us to better serve our patients.”

Connections is a regional resource and treatment center providing medical, educational, speech/language and dyslexia evaluation services for children and teenagers. Their providers offer medical evaluation and management of ADHD and related concerns. They also work collaboratively with Psychology & Counseling to treat behavioral and emotional issues. Connections can be reached at (601) 261-5159.

Psychology & Counseling offers a broad range of outpatient services, including research-based counseling and comprehensive psychological assessments. Their team of licensed and credentialed professionals offers counseling for individuals, couples and families struggling with mental and emotional issues, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. Psychology & Counseling can be reached at (601) 261-1650.

For more about these services, visit www.hattiesburgclinic.com.


Front row, left to right (holding ribbon): Hattiesburg Clinic Executive Director Tommy Thornton; Carol Simmons, LPC; Carrie Morgan, PhD; Lynwood Wheeler, PhD, ABPP; Jackie Parker, Chief Operations Officer for Primary Care; Connections Medical Director Ronald Kent, MD; Joshua Hamm, LPC; Cathryne Wells, SLP; Elizabeth Felder, MD; and Tammara Jordan, SLP. Back row, left to right: Lauren English, CNP; Melanie Hamm, CNP; Charlie Hardee, Primary Care assistant administrator; Melissa Smith, CNP; Robert Sevier, PhD; James Kent, PsyD, MBA; Jonathan Shook, MD; Cathy Elting, Primary Care assistant administrator; Walton Mallette, manager for Connections and Psychology & Counseling; and Sam Crosby, MD, department chairman for Primary Care.

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