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Connections - Evaluation Services

Evaluation Services (preschool – college)

Working as a team, the clinical psychologist and speech/language pathologist evaluate patients to determine the presence of disorders, including ADHD, that cause a student not to meet potential.

Initially, the evaluation will include:

  • Completion of parent and teacher psychological rating scales
  • Parent and patient interviews
  • Input from the initial physical with our medical team
  • A review of the patient’s educational, psychological and medical history, as well as the family’s educational, psychological and medical history
  • A computerized assessment, the Quotient, to determine the presence of mental health disorders, such as ADHD and related concerns.

Standardized evaluations are included to determine the patient’s intelligence, language abilities and learning achievement.

Additional evaluations may be provided to determine the presence of dyslexia.

Connections also serves as a resource for autism evaluations for all ages, with special emphasis on preschool children.

After all evaluations are completed, an educational consultation with the medical doctor and educational consultant is included to ensure parent understanding of evaluations, diagnosis and plan of care.

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Robert Sevier, PhD

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