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Collins Dialysis Receives Exemplary Medicare Survey Report

Collins Dialysis Receives Exemplary Medicare Survey Report

In November, Hattiesburg Clinic Collins Dialysis received an exemplary Medicare survey report from the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Dialysis Surveyors. The review, which happens once every two to three years, is administered at random, so staff does not know when to expect the state’s surveyors.

“We have faced many challenges this year due to the pandemic, so I am extremely proud of my staff and all that we were able to accomplish,” said Collins Dialysis Supervisor, Elizabeth Woullard, RN. “From being short-staffed and patients being sicker than normal, we were still able to provide exceptional care regardless of the circumstances.”

The three-day survey consists of an in-depth review of patients’ medical records, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, patient grievances and disruptive patients report along with an investigative report and plan of action. In addition, the MSDH interviews patients and employees and reviews each of the employee’s files.

Thank you to the team at Collins Dialysis for your hard work, dedication and commitment to Hattiesburg Clinic and the patients we serve.

Keenon Walker


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