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Cheers for HealthWorks Immunization Clinic!


The WOW! Committee would like to recognize over 125 Hattiesburg Clinic employees who have worked at HealthWorks Immunization Clinic since the clinic’s inception in Jan. 2021 with Cheers from Your Peers.

In a recent WOW! nomination a patient shared the following:

“I have to brag on my local healthcare folks at Hattiesburg Clinic! Let me tell you – they had it organized, and we were in and out of there in no time. The longest we stayed in one spot was the 15 minute waiting period after the shot. I was also impressed with the lineup of folks helping out. Everyone was running around like a well-oiled machine while keeping us distanced and safe as well. Keep up the good work!”

Thanks to everyone who has worked at HealthWorks Immunization Clinic. Because of you, Hattiesburg Clinic has administered over 20,000 vaccines into the arms of our community members. We appreciate your commitment to Hattiesburg Clinic, to your colleagues, and – most importantly – to our patients.

Employees who have worked at HealthWorks Immunization Clinic include:

Ainsworth, Skylar

Al Jabi, Kail

Alexander, Chelsey

Anderson, Susan A

Arnold, Sandra

Aultman, Harlon

Bailey, Kimberly M

Barber, Summer

Batson, Bryan, MD

Beck, Angela M

Bennett, Brenda K

Blair, Darcy

Brady, Melanie S

Brady, Sandra L

Bryant, Deborah S

Buchanan, Jeremy

Buchanan, Melissa

Cameron, Tabatha G

Causey, Chandra M

Clark, Haley

Clark, Susan R

Clayton, Deneshia S

Coulter, Becky B

Crane, Brandie K

Crawford, Janet

Davion, James

Dickerson, Betty

Dixon, Kayla

Donaldson, Shameika

DuBois, Stephenie S

Dunn, Suzanne

Este, Katie

Evans, Samantha

Evans, Shari D

Forbes, Stefanie P

Freeman, Lisa

Ganey, Lance

Gordon, Melvin

Gould, Kristina S

Graham, Kimberlie F

Grayson, Kimberly A

Green, Tina G

Hall, Hailey M

Hamilton, Wendy

Handshaw, Shanique

Hardee, Charlie

Hennis, Sarah

Humbles, Angela

Hunt, Mandy L

Jackson, Hugh

Johndro, Kristine A

Johnson, Brittany A

Jones, Amanda R

Jones, Gladys

Jones, Kristina

Kelly, Lorean

Kemp, Marilyn J

Keyes, Shannon

Knue, Sandra

Landrum, Hannah E

LeBreton, Jessica N

Lee, Faith B

Lott, Brittany N

Lott, Jaclyn M

Lott, Teresa G

Magee, Antonia

Mallory, Kieara

Maples, Deborah

Martiniere, Emily J

Maxwell, Haley D

McCray, Kalee A

McGruder, Latesha T

McMurtery, Reagan R

McSwain, Niqeria

Mills, Penny Q

Mills, Tonya

Moore, Kaitlyn C

Moore, Mary E

Myers, Teratta L

Myrick, Memrie

Naquin, Amy J

Newsom, Elaine T

ONeal, Britney D

Orr, Lauren E

Penry, Kalissa M

Perniciaro, Taylor D

Randolph, Susan

Rawls, Mary B

Ray, Adrienne N

Reyelt, Katelyn B

Rigney, Bethany S

Rillieux, Asta

Robinson, John

Rounsaville, Kathy M

Rushing, Greer A

Russell, Betty L

Rutland, Tate H

Rynhehardt, Barbara

Sanford, Ashley D

Saxton, Kristen A

Shaw, Marlena D

Sims, Brittany N

Slaughter, Susan

Smith, Amy M

Smith, Carla

Smith, Hilary L

Speights, Cynthia D

Stevens, Hamilton F

Strickland, Makeba D

Sullivan, Marcedes M

Tator, Julie W

Temple, Misty L

Thurston, Kristin A

Wakeland, Lanna

Ward, Shirley

Waterson, Libby A

Watkins, Karyn

Walker, Keenon

Welborn, Carrie

White, Barbara

Whittington, Jeff

Williams, Renee H

Williamson, Hannah N

Wooley, Regina A

Yarrow, Susan

Yawn, Melissa C

Youngblood, Santrice

Zimmerman, Susan


Each month, the WOW! Committee, made up of Hattiesburg Clinic employees, comes together to review all employee nominations that are submitted by our employees and patients. From that list, the committee decides on an individual or department to share an extra special “thank you” – called the Cheers from Your Peers Award. Recipients receive one PRIDE point for this honor, along with recognition and a special treat.

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