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Cheers for Accounting Team!

Yvonne Addison, Angela Hearn, Katie Lohman and Kaye Rimes Presented with Cheers from Your Peers

The WOW! committee would like to congratulate Yvonne Addison, Angela Hearn, Katie Lohman and Kaye Rimes with Cheers from Your Peers. Addison, Hearn, Lohman and Rimes are members of the Accounting team. They were recognized for going above and beyond for Hattiesburg Clinic.

In a recent WOW! meeting, the following was shared by Melissa West:

“This team is exceptionally great to work with. All of these people are very conscientious in their jobs and work in great detail to get their work completed. They work behind the scenes and rarely get the recognition they truly deserve. I want to let them know how proud and appreciated they are! Great job team!”

Congratulations, Addison, Hearn, Lohman and Rimes! Hattiesburg Clinic appreciates you and your hard work. Thank you for your dedication to your department, coworkers, Hattiesburg Clinic, and, most importantly, our patients.

Tate Rutland


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