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Brandy Hatten: Career Mom to Mom with a Career - Hattiesburg Clinic

Brandy Hatten: From Career Mom to Mom with a Career

Brandy Hatten: From Career Mom to Mom with a Career

A few months ago, 31-year-old mother of four Brandy Hatten was an self-admitted career mom whose primary job was taking care of her family and the house. Now, she’s a mom with a career in health care and is already getting accolades for making a positive impact on patients.

“I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for even years and then decided to get a job. I’d been at home for so long, and I was just ready to get out and make something of myself,” says Hatten

Hatten got a job as a receptionist in Hattiesburg Clinic’s Imaging department in the fall of 2019.

“I check in patients. We have to make reminder calls for the scans the day before…We’re the face [patients] see first.”

Hatten says part of her job as a receptionist is to check in on the patients while they’re waiting, making sure they’re comfortable and assist with any questions or concerns.

“We keep them calm and let them know we’re aware they’re here.”

The Hattiesburg native and current Petal resident says the thing she enjoys most about her job is putting a smile on patients’ faces and making them happy.

“A man came in recently and said he never had anyone ‘take care of me like you have,’ and that made me feel so good. I love patient interaction. I like to show them that I care and I’m paying attention to what they’re saying.”

A colleague of Hatten’s attested to her thoughtful attention to patients. She, too, recalled a recent interaction with a man who came in for a scan that involved special attention due to the man’s unique situation.

“He stated that the receptionist, Brandy, went over and above her duties to help him try to get the order that was needed to be placed by his provider’s office,” explains the coworker. “He stated that Brandy was very concerned and seemed to realize that he did not feel well and that she called the provider’s office on his behalf as well. He was very impressed by the level of care and concern expressed by Brandy and said that you rarely see this type of concern expressed these days.”

Along with her interaction with patients, Hatten says she also enjoys the people she works alongside.

“I love my coworkers and my managers. I get along with everyone really well. I just feel like we’re all a team; we just all have each others’ backs no matter what.”

When she’s not putting smiles on patients’ faces, Hatten enjoys spending time with her kids and going on “gym dates” with her firefighting husband.


Q: What would you say you’re “known for” in your department?

A: I’m usually kind of a joker around here. I’m always being silly. Just getting everybody in a good mood. They’ll catch me up here dancing and singing.

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A: Chocolate. I’ll be coming in here with snacks all the time. I love chocolate. Any kind. Mostly Snickers.

Q: What’s your “undercover dream?”

A: Flipping houses. I would love to get into that. I’ve always been interested in it. Just making something that’s not worth anything, to make it worth something. Make it pretty.

Q: Three words you’d use to describe Hattiesburg Clinic?A: Caring. Friendly. Professional. I’ve loved every doctor I’ve had. I feel like that…they always remember me…and that they’re gonna take care of their patients.

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