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Iris - Ask Your Provider a Question

Ask Your Provider a Question on Iris

Did You Know You Can Ask Your Provider a Question on Iris?


In addition to helping you manage your health care, Hattiesburg Clinic’s patient portal, Iris, allows you to ask your provider a non-urgent question regarding your health.

You can use this feature to ask about:

  • A diagnosis that you forgot to ask during your visit.
  • A medication your provider ordered.
  • A minor medical issue to determine whether to schedule an appointment.

How Does This Benefit Me as a Patient?

  • Messages go straight to your provider’s nurse.
  • Usually faster response time than if you call.
  • Send messages at any time – including weekends or nights.*

Ask Your Provider a Question PDF

Don’t have an Iris account? Visit www.hattiesburgclinic.com/iris for step-by-step instructions.**

For assistance, call the Iris Help Desk at (601) 579-5432.

*Send messages when convenient for you; however, responses are provided within 48 business hours

**Patients must be 18 years of age to set up an Iris account.

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