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Henderson: vaccination rates

Anita S. Henderson, MD, Discusses Low Vaccination Rates in Children

Anita S. Henderson, MD, a physician at Hattiesburg Clinic Pediatric Clinic, recently spoke with the American Medical Association regarding Covid-19 vaccination rates in children across Mississippi and what can be done to increase those numbers.

In this interview, Henderson notes that, even though illness from the Covid-19 Delta variant has slowed, now is not the time for people to let their guard down. In terms of vaccination rates, Mississippi is still significantly under the national average, which could cause the virus to continue to spread at a rapid rate.

Henderson urges parents to get their children vaccinated, especially since the state mask mandate was lifted. She says that misinformation on social media has made it difficult to convince parents of the benefits of the vaccine.

“I think the best way we have seen to combat that misinformation is honestly, one-on-one, me talking to my parents, me explaining to my neighbor,” Henderson said. “It’s really about one-on-one conversations with someone you trust.”

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