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A Special Thank You

Simple Acts and Tremendous Responses

As the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting our lives, it was the communication between a son and his mother, Ka Russum, which started something special in our communities. After a casual conversation with her son, who works for a health care distributor, Ka began sewing and reaching out to form a group that would go on to create and donate over 5,000 masks.

Russum, understanding the seriousness of the situation as her son described it, immediately called her close friend, Claire Curtis for assistance. They worked diligently but soon realized that the need was much greater than just the two of them could fulfill. Russum and Curtis then asked for help from friends and neighbors. They were amazed by the tremendous response.

Soon the group had grown to nearly 70 people. Together they were all stitching, cutting, folding, ironing, and delivering masks. These dedicated individuals are still sewing and providing approximately 200 masks per day to health care facilities, businesses, restaurants and individuals. These volunteers have shown tremendous care for their community and we want to give a special thank you to them for their hard work. Hattiesburg Clinic has received over 5,000 mask donations from this group. Our health care workers, patients, and communities are safer because of the generosity and support of conscientious people like these.

Hattiesburg Clinic would like to give a special thank you to these volunteers:

Ka Russum

Claire Curtis

Lorraine Rettig

Martha Davis

Sally Castracane

Casey Davis

Angela Huggins

Patricia Cameron

Annete Savell

Joann Raanes

Sue Stokes

Chalie Ray

Doris Pretridge

Rhoda Young

Janice Trexler

Jennifer Conerly

Donna Mobley

Stacey Pace

Vickie Kelley

Michelle Ferguson

Claire Cornett

Karen Carlise

Leah Henderson

Ellen Wright

Anita Johnson

Kathy Vail

Christina Mann

Beth Bunch

Debbie Cain

Lee McKenzie

Jane Herring

Danette Bean

Patsy Wood

Boo McMurray

Susan Carey

Susan Straus

Janet White

Gail Harer

Nancy Carpenter

Lilligene Vardaman

Caroline Harmon

Keri Galey

Missy McGee

Lucy Scott

Angela Bostick

Donna Bridges

Shaub Sumrall

Roxann Duhan

Lorinda Krhut

Marica Feagans

Laura Patterson

Janet Gallaspy

Deanna Lowery

Robin Strickland

Nell Holliman

Martha Dearman

Shelly Russum

Sue Reiter

Kay Simms

Caren Griffin

Iris Easterling

Kathy Roberts

Linda Montgomery

Jeff Farris

Brittany Borbash

Whit Ross

Katherine Edmondson

Mary Dryden

Garner Leverette


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