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21st Century Cures Act

Changes to Better Serve Our Patients

The 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act) is a law that was passed to help accelerate medical product development and bring new innovations and advances to patients. In accordance with this law, Hattiesburg Clinic has implemented new processes to better serve our patients. Patients will have more access to their information electronically.

What does this mean for patients and health care providers?

With a few exceptions, patients will be allowed to access their electronic health information (EHI) immediately through the Iris patient portal.  This also means that a patient might receive information via Iris before a Hattiesburg Clinic provider is able to discuss those results with the patient or caregiver.

What should patients do if they receive information through Iris but it hasn’t been discussed with their healthcare provider?

Our patients are very important to us, and relaying health care information in a timely and compassionate manner that is easy to understand is also very important to us.  If patients have any questions regarding information they receive via Iris, they should message their provider.

Please note, there are exceptions to the Cures Act, which include:

  • Preventing Harm Exception:  A health care provider may limit access to information to prevent harm to a patient or another person
  • Privacy Exception:   A health care provider may limit access to electronic health information to protect an individual’s privacy
  • Also, health care providers will not release information if doing so would violate state or federal law.

Should you have further question, please talk to your provider.

Keenon Walker


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