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Main Clinic – 1st Floor
#2 Medical Blvd.
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
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Laura Lofton, PharmD

  1. What is your position in the clinic? Pharmacist at Owl Drug Store.
  2. What are your responsibilities in this position? I fill prescriptions and counsel patients on everything from side effects to over the counter products. I also check for drug interactions, dosing guidelines and medication savings opportunities.  
  3. How long have you been with the clinic? Almost three years.
  4. Where is your hometown? Petal, Miss.
  5. When you’re not at Hattiesburg Clinic, what do you like to do? I enjoy spending time with my husband of eight years, Matthew, and our 3-year-old son Guiles. We spend most of our free time either in our backyard or cheering on my husband’s basketball team.  
  6. What is your favorite thing about working at Hattiesburg Clinic? I love the relationships that are formed at Hattiesburg Clinic. Whether it is with our patients or our co-workers, I really enjoy getting to know and serve our customers. 
  7. What makes you proud to work for Hattiesburg Clinic? I am most proud when a patient walks out of Owl Drug Store and says that they will be moving all their prescriptions to us because of our fast, friendly and efficient service.   
  8. Tell me something your co-workers don’t know about you. I am a cookbook collector. I took it a step further last Christmas when I compiled all our family recipes into a special cookbook for friends and family.  

Fun Facts: 

  • Before becoming a provider, what was your most interesting job? In elementary school, I modeled clothing in Sew Beautiful Magazine for my mom’s clothing line, Kay Guiles Designs.
  • What are your favorite foods? I love to cook for people, so my favorite foods are “party foods.” Things like spinach artichoke dip, smoked pork loin, candied pecan backed brie cheese and anything chocolate are some of my best and favorite dishes.

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