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Hattiesburg Clinic Announces 2016 Employee Awards

Hattiesburg Clinic Announces 2016 Employee Awards

Hattiesburg Clinic’s 2016 Employee Recognition and Awards Banquet was held recently at Southern Oaks House & Gardens in Hattiesburg, Miss.

The event honored employee award recipients, retirees and employees who reached 10 or more years of service to the clinic in 2016.

The clinic’s Annie Ruth Johnston Employee of the Year award went to India Dunaway, manager of the Pathology department. Dunaway has been with the clinic since 1999. Her colleagues describe her as “very knowledgeable in all aspects of her department and a joy to work with.”

The Faris Allen Nurse of the Year award was given to Lisa Carnahan, from Gastroenterology. Carnahan has been a nurse at Hattiesburg Clinic for more than 23 years. She is described by her peers as “a leader in her department who makes herself available to the needs of her patients, has exceptional dependability and is always looking for ways to improve the department.”

The Medical Support Employee of the Year award went to John Robinson, a licensed practical nurse in Internal Medicine. Robinson has been employed with the clinic since 2003. His colleagues praise him as “a team player with excellent relationships with all patients, providers and coworkers.”

The Satellite Employee of the Year was awarded to Jason Helton, physical therapist and manager of Purvis Physical Therapy. Helton, who has been with Hattiesburg Clinic since 2001, is described by those who work with him as loyal with “consistently outstanding patient surveys” and is a “positive representative of the clinic in the community.”

Receiving the award for Administrative Support Employee of the Year was Ann Johnson, Human Resources manager. Johnson has been with the clinic for nearly 10 years. Her staff said she handles difficult situations appropriately, has excellent judgment and offers trusted guidance to managers when it comes to employment matters.

Receptionist of the Year was given to Laura Holmes, in Professional Services. Holmes has been an employee of the clinic for seven years and is considered reliable, dependable, positive, kind and helpful.

The award for Dialysis Employee of the Year went to Martie Woullard, hemodialysis technician at Hattiesburg Dialysis. Woullard has been employed with the clinic since 1987. In his 29 years of employment, he has only missed seven days of work. His colleagues know him as “extremely dependable” and “a very valuable resource of technical dialysis knowledge for new and experienced employees alike.”

The Volunteer of the Year was given to Vickie Bonner, in Contract Accounts. Bonner was recognized for her passionate diligence in bringing back the clinic’s Arts and Crafts Fair, which supports local charities. She was also instrumental in establishing a new volunteer committee and has volunteered to chair the clinic’s new Tornado Relief Committee this year.

Along with the employee awards, the clinic recognized 13 retirees from 2016 and numerous employees whose service to the clinic spanned from 10 to 40 years. Among those recognized was the clinic’s executive director, Tommy Thornton, who received a standing ovation from the banquet crowd for his 45 years of service to the clinic.

Those who work closely with him shared their sentiments of appreciation for Thornton during the ceremony.

“He is focused on getting everyone to work collaboratively…this is one of his skills,” said John M. Fitzpatrick, MD, nephrologist and president of the clinic’s Board of Directors.

Employees celebrating five years at the clinic were also honored with a luncheon at Southern Oaks House and Gardens.

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